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Construction companies frequently need expeditious answers regarding the unusual wording of a FAR regulation, failure of payment, breach of agreement, OSHA violation, labor or employment issue, lien right, small business program, disadvantaged business incentive program, or limitations on the imposition of liquidated damages. The need for an attorney you can call is particularly important given the complexity of issues that arise from federal contracts and the often limited timeframe in which they must often be resolved.

In particular, we can provide assistance with regard to federal contract reviews, bid preparations, bid protests, federal OSHA requirements, contracting officer claims, change orders, Miller Act claims, and claims to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.

We are sensitive to the fact that the best - and least expensive - way to resolve legal issues is to identify and address them as soon as they arise. Given that most issues need to be resolved in "real time," we will strive to work quickly with you to identify your legal issue, develop legal and practical options, and attempt to resolve the issue short of litigation. We are, of course, available to represent you in the event litigation becomes necessary.


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