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The ability to successfully negotiate with governmental officials and agencies is a necessity if a person is to profitably develop a parcel of land for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. In order to achieve the highest and best use of their property, property owners and developers need to know the zoning regulations, land use regulations, environmental regulations, and other local, state, and federal regulations and statutes that restrict or impair their ability to develop property. Landowners and developers need an attorney who can help provide an overall understanding of the various laws and regulations that restrict the development of property.

Landowners and developers also need an attorney who can help them negotiate with local governments and state agencies and identify those instances where a local government or agency has over-extended the reach of its own regulations or ordinances. Finally, landowners and developers need an attorney to help them protect their property rights from encroachment, restrictive regulation, or other impairment by the state or adjoining landowners. We can help represent your property before planning boards, Boards of Adjustment, municipal or county boards with regard to zoning changes, permit applications, non-conforming uses, vested rights, access, public or private easements, drainage, or land-use issues or encroachments by public or private entities. We can also help you use existing ordinances to you advantage -- particularly with regard to prior-permitted “grandfathered” uses.


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